Hi there, my name is Tony I have ( NF ) neurofibromatosis 

As a baby my NF started out with brown spots on my torso and about around 3 years old my NF tumors started growing on my whole entire body. It wasn’t just about but the disfigurement it also came with  learning disabilities, Vision problems, Hearing problems, Heart problems, And a lot of pain. 

Everybody’s  NF is different on how it affects each of us.

I had to be placed in special ed from third grade to the 12th grade. Learning, understanding, and comprehending the school work that was given to me. I was not dumb, I was not stupid, I was not an idiot, and I definitely was not the BIG( R ) WORD, THAT STUDENTS, TEACHERS, PRINCIPLES, AND EVEN STRANGERS, USED TO THINK THAT I WAS. 

Just like other people with NF we go through a lot of surgeries throughout our life to try to better our lives and make it more comfortable for us to live day today. I have been told by thousands of people over my lifetime that I should be on disability. And I have to tell people that I refuse to be on disability when I am physically able to work. I don’t need people to feel sorry for me or pity me. I just need everybody to understand that neurofibromatosis or any other medical issues or physical deformities or anything else is going on in someone’s life. THAT WE ARE ALL THE SAME HUMAN BEINGS ON THIS EARTH. 

So please don’t just stare at me and point and take pictures of me behind my back just believe me I see it I see it all. I would just rather you ask me about my condition so I can educate you. And I’m sure everyone else feels the same. 

I have never in my life taken a free handout. I have work for everything that I own. I started working at 8 years old and have not stopped. I now own and operate two companies.

Thank you very much for your time and thank you very very much for taking the time out and looking up neurofibromatosis in educating yourselves. 

God bless all of you.