Erica explains…

After having my diagnosis of NF2 confirmed when I was 23, I was determined not to let it define me.  

While I have had over 25 surgeries to remove tumors in my brain, spine, legs, chest, arms, and hands, once I am done rehabbing and recovering, it’s time to soldier on and to make the most out of the life I was given.  

Of course there are tough times, scary times, and frustrating times, and it’s okay to let yourself sit in those feelings and emotions for a minute, life with NF2 is not easy!  Find strength in your family and friends and lean on them when needed.  I always say trust the process, and extend yourself some grace.  Life is not easy, but boy is it so worth it.  I have often said that if I had to live my life over, I would not want to live my next life without my N.F.2 diagnosis.  It has given me the heart and spirit of a warrior and so much gratitude, always turning what I have into enough.