What does having Nf mean to Darla?  

As of today 4/22/2024, it is like a ball and chain, I am a prisoner within my own body at times. With that said, I will still push forward and continue to live and enjoy life to the best of my abilities.

Although life has not always been this way. I was diagnosed at the age of 2 at the time. I had minor cafe marks, a slight difference in leg size, and difference in leg length.

Physically over the years tumors grew, bumps and lumps appeared, and now my left leg is taking over my body. My left leg is 3-4 times the size of my right leg. I am in the process of talking to doctors about amputation at the hip. 

During school, I was bullied. I did not participate in many school events. I did have learning delays, an IEP, speech therapy, and adaptive physical education. I finished high school and went to college where I studied child development. I worked as a nanny and then as a preschool teacher for about fifteen years. 

I am unable to carry my own biological child; however, I participated in raising three children who are now grown. I also have three growing teens who are thriving and keeping me busy as they all play baseball and softball. Nothing is going to stop me from being on the sidelines in the stands cheering them on as they chase their dreams. I do this from my wheelchair with a blanket on my lap as if it covers my ginormous leg. I, as well as my children, endure all the stairs, snickers, name calling and bullying by adults and children. We ignore the best we can and keep pushing forward with a smile, being thankful for another day to live  

I continue to be as active as I can, pushing the limits, traveling with our bus (my leg is too large to travel any other way), keeping up with life as normal as I can.  Defying all odds stacked against me and letting it be known I have NF it does not have me 🙂