Monthly Challenge

"Bring Change" Challenges!

In 2008 we introduced the “Bring Change” Challenges. We hope that you will participate with us and help California find “Answers in 2010”, These challenges consist of little efforts that will make a big difference when performed by many people. Our board members and volunteers are wonderful people who are working hard to bring positive change for those affected by NF. But, California is HUGE! We need more manpower. By adding the strength of our vast membership, it will bring far more noticeable results. Some months, we might ask you to send an email, other times we might need to focus to be on updating our records. Most challenges will take only a few moments, but when our 3,000 + members invest those few moments, it will move NFC miles forward!

March's Challenge is to Register for the Walk!

March’s bring change challenge is to participate in the NF Steps Run/Walk! The walk will be in Vacaville, California on June 5. 
Registration is up and running. We encourage everyone to register and join us at Pena Adobe Park on June 5.   For all your walk information visit NFC’s website To jump right to registration visit the firstgiving website 
After last years cold and rainy walk we have moved our walk from March to June for warmer weather and a bbq social after the walk. The walk is such an uplifting event and will be even better with you there!  You won’t want to miss out on this great event! Individuals and families travel from all over California to be there! (And, it’s worth it!) 

February's Challenge is Goodie Bag Month!

February’s bring change challenge is to fill our goodie bags! (And continue our scavenger hunt for silent auction items and raffle prizes.) 
We are making 500 goodie bags. Items we have had in the past: small bags of chips, snack cakes, rulers, mini first-aid kits, travel sunscreen, hand cream, toothbrushes, floss, toothpaste, sunglasses, key chains, antennae balls, coupon books, sports bottles, flashlights,  pill boxes, frisbees, cd cases, temporary tattoos, kids meal toys, and Jelly Belly sample packets.
We are still collecting silent action items and raffle prizes. If you would like to donate an item but don’t want to pay for shipping send us a gift card or check and let us know what item you would like us to get and we can do you shopping for you. 
For more information and for questions please contact the walk committee at or by emailing the 2010 Walk Committee:  Debbie Bell; Denea Vigil; April Anderson; Sunny Chang 

January's Challenge is a scavenger hunt!

Boy searchingwith telescopeThe walk is six months away!
We want to make sure it is a memorable (and profitable) day. To do that, we need items for our silent auction, goodie bags, and raffle.
Rather than relying simply on the contacts of our committee members, we want to expand our search to cover all of California - and beyond. If you are out of the area, please feel invited to join the endeavor!
Some items to consider donating would be tickets to events, theme parks, and airlines.  Electronics, bikes, and trendy toys are also great.  Please call upon your business contacts and philanthropic connections to help us gather items this month. If you would like to purchase and donate a specific item, consider ordering it through an online merchant that provides free shipping. Or, save yourself the shipping expense by mailing a check for the amount along with a note about which item you would like purchased. 
Once you have your scavenger hunt items, email to let us know what you found!