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In 2008, NFC is introducing the "Bring Change"challenge program. These challenges consist of little efforts that will make a big difference when performed by many people. Our board members and volunteers are wonderful people who are working hard to bring positive change for those affected by NF. But, California is HUGE! We need more manpower. By adding the strength of our vast membership, it will bring far more noticeable results. Some months, we might ask you to send an email, other times we might need to focus to be on updating our records. Most challenges will take only a few moments, but when our 1,900+ members invest those few moments, it will move NFC miles forward!

Donated handcrafted

Before we mention how fun our crafting activities are, I want to express how precious NFC is to us. Because we ourselves, our families or other loved ones have NF, we understand the social, psychological and medical impact of NF and how variable it is. We try to help you make new friends through involvement in NF community building activities. We will help you find a way to use your own special talents to help all of us make a better life together. If you give something of yourself to help others, you can't help feeling better yourself. To some, crafting is therapeutic. It can be done alone or as a way to get acquainted with others. It is relaxing, making it easier to talk and listen when getting to know each other—whether at a picnic or sharing a burden at someone's kitchen table. You can make friends and have the added satisfaction of donating prizes for NFC raffles throughout the year. The raffle money helps fund more fun activities, so it is win/win experience! If any of you enjoy quilting, sewing, jewelry making, or other craft activities, we invite you to join us. Please share your talents with us! Your creations will bring positive attention to our cause and help raise essential funds! You can type in the date, address and whom the letter is going to before you print the doantion letter and corporate sponsorship.

Asking for a Donation

Asking for raffle prizes and silent auction items Donation letter

Asking for Corporate Donations Corporate Sponsorship

Something to help with commonly asked questions Talking points

First –don't feel guilty or greedy by asking for a donation. You are not asking for something for yourself –you are requesting a donation for the organization. You are being generous by requesting something to help the organizations mission. You are working for a good cause and if you approach the request with enthusiasm and excitement, that energy is contagious. Depending on your comfort level, you may want to share a story about why the fight to cure NF is important to you. Treat your request as if it were every day conversation. Be prepared to answer the questions such as: What is NF? How common is it? What are the symptoms? Basically they want to know if NF is worth their donation. You can tell them from the heart that NF is definitely worth it.

Think of the businesses you patronize and approach them to donate a gift certificate or merchandise to the Silent Auction or Raffle at the walk. The manager of the little shop you visit regularly may be happy to support a loyal customer's request. They can also include literature about their business with their donation. Our organization is a 501(c)3 non profit charity and their donation is tax deductible.

There are a variety of businesses that could benefit from donating an item simply from the free publicity they'll get both at the Walk and on our printed literature. Those who donate will be introducing their business to new potential clients as well. Individuals who participate in events such as these will often choose to support the companies who support their organization.

You can also think of friends, neighbors and family members who work at companies that may be able to offer a donation. Approach your friends, family and neighbors and ask them for help. If they cannot call on their employers, perhaps they have friends who can. In addition, always keep them in mind for joining your walk team.

Once you have made a contact, there is almost always something that person can do to assist. Getting to yes is not always paved with gold but you can get a sense if they would like to help, but cannot or if they truly do not want to be bothered. Once you have determined their ability and willingness to help, explain that you have made a commitment to help fight Neurofibromatosis. Here's the key statement, "I need your help to accomplish this. Will you make a donation or participate in the event?" A BIG smile is also helpful.