Keeping the Hope Alive

Our membership now extends to 4,000. If each could contribute even $10, we would have the funds to follow through on so many of our good intentions! With $40,000 we would have the finances to launch the Shannon Gentile Travel Fund (SGTF), finish our PSAs and begin the new KITE program (visit to learn more about these). These projects are on hold, awaiting funding. Those able to send more are definitely encouraged to donate all that they can. Financial support is necessary to continue offering programs like our “Building Buddies Around the World”, NF mailings, symposiums, NF events, and educational meetings. NF, Inc. CA accepts cash, check, or credit card donations. Unlike many gift recipients, we promise to send a thank you note - and contributions to NFC are tax deductible!
Annual Appeal Letter 2009

Shannon Gentile Travel Fund (SGTF), In honor of Shannon Gentile; one of NFC’s goals for 2009 is to launch our SGTF program. SGTF is designed to assist Californians affected by NF with costs (gas, food, and lodging) associated with travel to hospitals or clinics for the treatment of NF-related health concerns. This gift is not intended as insurance or as the primary financial means for covering health care costs.

Kids Involved in Therapeutic Enrichment (KITE), The KITE program aims to help California children affected by NF by providing scholarships to participate in therapeutic programs that are not covered by their health insurance. These types of programs help build balance and muscle control; increase strength, coordination, and flexibility; help with development of social skills; as well as provide emotional, social, educational, and recreational support for children affected with NF. Examples of therapeutic activities for scholarships include but are not limited to: sport programs, music and art lessons, tae kwan do, swimming, dance lessons, and horseback riding just to mention a few.
KITE Flyer

Building Buddies Around the World, The Building Buddies program is designed to teach children with NF about their condition and let them see that they are not alone in their diagnosis. This program has reached children in the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, England, Scotland, and Spain. For more information, visit Buddy’s blog.

Linking Us Together, Would you like to meet someone else in your area who has NF? Are you a parent of a child with NF who wants to touch base with other parents? Are you a teenager who has NF who wants to know another teen with NF? NF, Inc. California’s "Linking Us Together" program will help create person-to-person connections between individuals and families who have, or are affected by, NF. [linking us together]

We Care – Due to the NF diagnosis, our members often face surgeries, hospital stays and/or prolonged illnesses. We do care and would like to send a card to you or your loved one during a time of need. In some areas, another member might even be able to visit the hospital. Let us know about upcoming hospital visits and how long the stay is anticipated to be. Send a message to